Eight Pixels?   That's all we need.
Embark on a short role-playing adventure.

Use WASD or Arrows to move your hero and Space or E to cycle through your inventory.

A Dragon of legend has been terrorizing your small kingdom, it's up to you to find the hidden sword of legend and make a legendary kill.

Game designed by sonictimm
Programming by Puppet and sonictimm
Music: ChanWalrusMusic and Musica Antigua
Voice Acting: Jacob Bennett, Imani Beard, Jack Peltz, Puppet, sonictimm
Fun fact: all graphics from the Atari 2600 color palette

Install instructions

Unzip all files, run executable


8PixelAdventure - Windows Executable 29 MB


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nothing happens when I press WSAD and space :(

but the music is nice^^

Unfortunately we forgot to remove a few debugging measures 
Sorry about that  :(
Such is the problem with working on things so close to the deadline

It's been fixed, thanks for your patience