Use WASD or Arrows to move and Space to cycle through your inventory.

Eight Pixels?   That's all we need.

Embark on a short role-playing adventure.

A Dragon of legend has been terrorizing your small kingdom, it's up to you to find the hidden sword of legend and make a legendary kill.

Rules for the 8pixel gamejam

  • "The game should contain no more than eight squares on the screen
  • All squares must be in alignment with the screen, so no rotation is allowed
  • All squares must be the same size
  • A square is not allowed to leave the screen region partially.
  • the screen should only contain squares, no text, no images
  • a square should consist only of a single colour at a given time
  • the colour of the pixels and background can vary (even over time)
  • all kind of music and sound is allowed
  • all frameworks, engines, libraries and tools are allowed, as long other requirements are not violated"

Game designed by sonictimm
Programming by John_ and sonictimm
Music: ChanWalrusMusic and Musica Antigua
Voice Acting: Jacob Bennett, Imani Beard, Jack Peltz, John_, sonictimm
Fun fact: all graphics from the Atari 2600 color palette

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