A downloadable game for Windows

Toss dice and manipulate the outcome to roll higher than your opponent!

Short & Simple yet intricate skill game with a funny story and regrettable jokes.



While holding down the Left Mouse Button, move the mouse to affect all the dice currently being rolled.   

Move the mouse Forward to roll it Forward, Right to roll it Right, etc.

>You do not have to click on a particular die.

>It takes some finesse-- Moving the mouse faster results in more powerful spins, which might not be your intention.

> The floating die in the top right is an indicator to show how you are currently affecting the dice on the table.

Click to advance dialogue


Core gameplay is best summarized by this scene from Star Wars:

Attributions (forgot to put this in the Build folder) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oL43S7-eZTKn6abRCepVt2fEXK_v7zqI/view?usp=shari...


For the GMTK Game Jam 2022

Made with Unreal 4.24


2022GMTK_RollForTheMoon.7z 118 MB
2022GMTK_RollForTheMoon.zip 139 MB
2022GMTK_RollForTheMoon_OlderBuild.zip 139 MB

Install instructions

Unzip whole folder and run the Application (.exe) file to play.

TROUBLESHOOTING:  If the dialogue gets stuck, click on the game window and press Space Bar to put focus back where it belongs.

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